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Alumni Association University School Membership

We would like to invite you to join the Alumni Association of University School (AAUS). We are a strong organization brought together by the common respect and appreciation for the experience we have all shared by being a part of the University School. AAUS shares the experiences of, resources about, philosophy of, and friendships made at University School to any and all who are curious to find out about University School.  

Some of you may not have known AAUS exists since you may be a recent “find.” (We continually search for individuals who have attended University School no matter how short a time.) Others of you may have let your membership expire and would like to join again. Please consider it!


Membership requirement

Membership is open to anyone who every attended the University School, taught there or was employed there.

What does membership mean?
As a member you receive 4 newsletters per year: the Winter, Spring and Summer issues, which are full of individual entries about AAUS “family” members, current status of AAUS projects, memories, specific event news, class reunion news, etc. The fourth newsletter, the Fall issue, is sent to all individuals known to us who have attended or been on the staff at University School.  Non-AAUS members receive only the Fall issue, however we do have a wonderful website,, available to all.  If you don’t use a computer, the newsletters are the only way to keep up on University School news and upcoming events you might like to attend.   Members also will enjoy future special features on the website,   

How long is the membership period?
It is a calendar year. The yearly dues are $15 or $105 for a Life membership for a single mailed address or per couple. If you do prefer to receive the newsletter via e-mail, the rate would be $10 per year or $70 for a Life membership. (Be sure to include you e-mail address if this is the method you prefer.)

The only way AAUS can continue to survive is through the generous donations and payment of dues our members provide.

Make your check payable to AAUS and send it to:
AAUS,  587 Fox Lane,  Worthington, OH 43085

Also be sure to include YOUR name, maiden name if applicable, and your kind of affiliation, (graduating class year, faculty or parent).

Thank you!

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